Hello! Extractions are a scary thing to go through, and I too have been in your place. Let Niry share some facts on what you can expect during extractions.


Before any extraction, you will always be given anaesthetic which would numb your gums.

Anaesthetic would prevent feelings of pain, it is also common that you can still feel the sensation of touch and pressure.

But rest assured, your dentist would check with you that all feelings of pain are numbed before proceeding with the extraction.

Why do I need an extraction?

Extractions are generally a last choice treatment choice, this happens when all other options to save the tooth have been exhausted.

Your natural teeth are much stronger and resilient than any filling material or artificial teeth, hence it is in our interests and yours to best save the tooth where possible.

On the other hand, wisdom tooth extractions might sometimes be a treatment option due to complications that arise when they erupt.

Complications of wisdom teeth eruption includes overcrowding of teeth or odd angles of eruption leading to impacted teeth.

Is there no going back?

While teeth do not grow back after it is removed, there are treatment options you can pursue to replace the missing teeth.

These includes dentures, bridges & dental implants, you can consult with your dentist on which option you are most comfortable pursuing.

Tooth Extraction Price, Teeth Removal Procedure and Cost in Singapore

How much does it cost to have teeth extraction process done in Singapore?
Teeth Extraction pricing, simply dental surgery.
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