Restorative work are treatment options to restore the appearance and function of your teeth. Types of restorations include: Fillings, Dentures and Crowns & Bridges.


Fillings seal exposed tooth structure and prevent bacteria from further damaging the tooth.

They are also able to restore the function of the teeth but generally are weaker and less durable than normal teeth itself.

Fillings can come in several materials and your dentist would use the material most appropriate for your condition.

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Dentures are wearable dental appliances that mimic the tooth arrangement.

Dentures can come in different materials, partial and full dentures.

Multiple sessions are required for the completion of treatment.


A crown is a cap that replaces a tooth’s structure. This treatment is provided if the outer tooth structure is too severely damaged but inner structure is still safe.

A bridge is a row of teeth that are capped to replace the gap caused by missing teeth.

Multiple sessions are required for both treatment completion.

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